February 26, 2003 Newsletter

Wire Wrapping Class -  Saturday, March 8, 2003 from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm
Taught by Lou Rigley. You can bring your own tools, buy or borrow what you need from the Barn

Supply List

 Tools        Chain nose pliers, Cutting Pliers, Round Nose Pliers
                 Flat Nose Pliers, Small flat need file, Ballpoint pen

     Materials  included in fee :
  21 gage silver square wire - 20 gage half round wire - 30 x 22 mm Cabochon to wrap

FEE:   $20.00           Pre-registration and payment required.


AQUAMARINE - March birthstone

We made a special purchase of a large oval faceted aqua in January.  It is top quality color, 14x12mm, weighing 10 carats.  Look closely and see a few threads of ³silk² that give it a distinctive personality.  Come by and take a look.  It would make into a lovely ring or necklace.

Some of the other aquas  in stock:
 12x6mm pear........$31.50
 13X9mm pear.........$42.50
 8x6mm oval............$18.50
 9x7mm oval............$34.95
 4mm round..............$4.95 - perfect for earrings

We also have aqua cabochons and small chip beads.

FRESH WATER PEARLS -larger sizes -16² temporarily strung

 9mm - Pale pink with white ...........$11.95
 9mm - white, better quality...........$29.95
 9mm - peacock - black, purplish, pinkish - beautiful...$57.50
 Smaller, 4mm peacock, also beautiful.....$8.95

TANGERINE AND GOLDEN QUARTZ (see our web page for photo)

Unique color quartz crystals, clusters up to 5² to 6², mined from only one location - Corinto, Minas Gerais, Brazil. This would make a good addition to your quartz collection.  We also have single points $2.50 to $5.00 to ³nurture your Inner Child².


New purchase of deep pink fist sized chunks....$7.00 lb

TIGEREYE - Golden honey color - 1 to 3 lb. pieces.  Excellent material for specimen, cabochons, or break up for the tumbler...........$8.00 lb.

MORE ROUGH ROCKS - Also from purchase of African material.  Most pieces 1/2 lb.  to 2 lbs. Good specimen size chunks.  Price......$6.00 lb.

African "bloodstone" - actually a conglomerate of green moss with bright red blotches.

Lepidolite - frosty lavender, cut cabochons or carve

Red  brecciated jasper - brick red with lots of creamy white veining

Verdite - deep green color, a lot like the color of malachite.  Can be carved.

Also, Kalahari picture jasper, black agate, autumn leaf jasper and unakite

AFRICAN MIX FOR THE TUMBLER.............2 lb. pre-bagged........$11.95


Joan Beckham