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Email Newsletter, September 26, 2003

 Bead/Pearl Stringing and Knotting Workshop

Saturday, Oct. 4, 2003           10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.
$10.00 fee covers use of tools and beads, or bring your own.
Pre-registration required  -  Call 803-781-3589 or register by email now

Sapphire is Septemberıs birthstone.

Even though the month is about gone itıs not too late to get your sapphire and we have many from which to choose - one especially nice 8x6mm oval.  As well as the familiar blue, we also have smaller pink, yellow and clear sapphires and star cabochons in white, black and blue.

Jewelry Section

New - Magnetic clasps for bracelet or necklace. We also have SS and GF lobster claws and toggle clasps.  We have Soft Flex and Soft Touch wire for stringing, including the new gold color Soft Flex .019.  Ask for our bulk price on crimp beads, bead tips, and SS and GF beads.

Fresh Water Pearls

New shape -Coin shape makes lovely bracelets mixed with Bali and other beads.
Double and triple pearls that grew together make a show necklace.


Rectangular flat beads exhibit flashes of purple, pink and green on a gray background.  Beautiful quality...$11.95 and $29.95

Other new beads

Blue sponge coral * Citrine nugget * Large well patterned Botswana agate nuggets and ³dog bone shape² * Gray and white stripe flat oval * Rose quartz potato shape * and others.

Wire Wrapping
We just received a shipment of fine silver wire, round, in 30 and 28 gauges. We also now have 26 and 24 gauge sterling, dead soft.  You can pick up the latest Wire Artist magazine and one of the new books - Wire Jewelry in an Afternoon, Wonderful Wire and Bead Crafts or Making Silver Chains.  Be sure to check out our special forming pliers, some with nylon covered jaws.


Spirit Quartz (Cactus Quartz)

Here's a new discovery from Africa - amethyst, ametrine and clear crystals are covered with many smaller crystals...$9.95 and up

Smoky/Lemon Quartz

Single crystals, most will exhibit phantom.  $.85 each.  4 oz. bags for $7.50.  


Rare hydrothermal crystals, "celestial blue" color from Madagascar.  2" clusters...$5.95 and larger up to 5² specimens


Also rare, intense green garnet druze crystals on matrix.  From Saranovskiy Mine in the Middle Ural Mountains of Russia. We purchased from the Russian dealer showing in Tucson.


Bright green crystals on white calcite matrix.  Specimens from Argentina and Russia (same Russian dealer as Uvarovite)



New purchase of well polished amber with inclusions from Colombia at good prices.  Enjoy viewing our museum specimen.

Joan Beckham