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Newsletter December 7, 2006

Holiday Greetings from the folks at Beckham's Barn.  We know you are all busy shopping, or thinking about it, so we want to remind you of our Holiday Hours and offer a few suggestions.

Holiday Hours through Dec. 23
Sundays - 1:00 until 6:00
Weekdays - 1:00 until 6:00
Saturdays 9 until 5:30

These make a lovely gift - only $14.95.  A core is drilled in the center of the 4-5” stone/mineral for the tea light.  Available in satin white or soft orange selenite, rose or white quartz, green aventurine or blue sodalite.  The wind sculpted sandstone is $34.95.

Choker length necklaces of chips or nuggets, some with magnetic clasp - snowflake obsidian, fancy jasper, carnelian, dark amethyst, green aventurine, moonstone...$4.95 up. 
3 strand round beads, stretch bracelet - mookaite, tigereye, black stone, red jasper, ocean jasper...$12.50
Fluorite stretch bracelets, cheerful purple and green shaped nugget...$3.95.
52” (really long) strands of nuggets - sodalite, jaspers, mookaite, and more...$16.95.

Fossils make a distinctive gift.  Orthoceres, black and white straight shells, available from stocking stuffer size for $3.95, multiple orthoceres on a matrix plate for $36.50 up.  We have a 12” x 10” plate with 1 straight 12” orthoceres shell and 3 curled ammonites shells...$69.95.
Polished ammonite pairs from small 2”...$4.95 to larger 5-1/2” pairs.  Some colorful opalescence on outer surface.
Trilobite - large flat plate, 10” h x 8-1/2” wide...$98.50.
Fossil fish, Green River Formation, Wyo., approx. 6”x4”...$34.95
Shark’s teeth - 2 sizes of kits - 7 or 18 species identified with additional info under box lid...$12.50 and $22.50

Large sculptures of playful dolphins carved from blue sodalite with white accent streaks.  11”x6-1/2”, weighing 8-1/4 lbs. on a wood stand.  Excellent value for the quality of material and workmanship...$285.00.  We don’t see this value too often.

12 or 24 specimens of colorful Colorado or Mexican minerals in 1” boxes...$9.50 up. 
Worldwide minerals, 35 1” boxes (includes specimens of gold and silver) ...$39.85.  All identified with additional info under lid.

From Brazil, we have some of the new smaller sizes - 9”h. x 5”w...$208.00 or 12” h. x 6” w....$198.00.  
And of course, the larger floor size at good prices.

Large sheet of clear selenite.  Looks like a mountain shaped slice of ice.  13”h. x 9” wide, about 2” thick and mounted on wood base...$286.00.
Smaller specimens available, some “fishtail” and wands.

Brazil agate slabs on a stand (so the light can show off the color and pattern) are a wonderful natural gift.  Small 2-1/2” slabs  for $1.50 up to large decorator sizes almost 12” across.

We continue to add to our selection of these - they are such beautiful material and shapes. 
Ocean jasper, rhodochrosite, chrysocolla,  Mexican crazy lace, labradorite, serpentine, zebra agate, pink opalite will nudge the creative talents of wire wrappers and silversmiths.  Our gold or silver beavertail can be epoxied on to create a unique dangle to hang from bead strands.

“Christmas blue”:  kyanite - silver streaked, 11mm square...$44.50.  Also 8mm round, flat ovals, roundels, barrels and rectangles.
“Christmas red”:  ruby quartz - a subtle red veining, similar to cherry quartz  or muscovite - 4mm saucer shape...$12.95.  Roundels, barrel roundels, 5 side cubes, 18x13mm wave rectangle...$14.95 up to $22.50.
Purple crazy lace, 12mm discs...$15.95 or large 35x24mm rectangles...$23.95
Unbleached natural coral, ivory color, nugget...$11.95 or large branches...$35.95
Rose quartz, Egyptian fan style with tabs the complete length of strand...$25.95
Rose quartz, 6mm cubes drilled corner to corner...$8.95
Kambota green jasper, oval...$15.95
Pietresite, ovals, pillow shape, 16mm round and more...$21.95 up.
Fire jasper rectangles...$16.50
Brecciated brown and white jasper rectangles...$20.50
Brecciated red jasper rectangles, 2 holes drilled, good for bracelets...$23.95.
Bronzite, brown with gold specks - all shapes and sizes.
And more - too many to list.
New idea!  Rough, unpolished nuggets of rainforest or red jasper...$14.95

Fall issue of Stringing magazine has arrived.
New sterling silver toggles with wave, dove and dragonfly shapes. 
New “S” clasps are in.
New brushed sterling beads - 6mm saucer, melon, triangle, cube...$.50 up
New dangles of brown moss agate, sugulite pear shape, purple crazy lace rectangles, rainforest jasper rounds and more.

Joan Beckham
Beckhams Barn Rock and Gem Shop