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Newsletter January 18, 2007

Happy New Year!

January - the beginning of a fresh New Year!  Celebrate with the traditional birthstone GARNET.  During the month of January we are giving a FREE GARNET to the first 30 customers with proof of January birthdate.  You can choose a faceted or cabochon 8x6mm oval (value $6.95 and $4.95).

In addition to ready made rings, pendants, and earrings,  we have 
GARNET BEADS for you to string and design. 
Round:  3mm and 4mm...$6.95 - 5mm...$7.50 - 8mm...$26.95
Rectangle:   3x5mm ...$5.95 - 6x4mm...$11.95
Faceted:  5mm...$21.95
Hessonite garnet: 4mm graduated shades of amber - butterscotch to maderia...$13.55
Add to your mineral collection with GARNET CRYSTALS.  From many locations:  Alaska, Pakistan, Little Pine, NC...$2.50 for 1/2 up.
Andradite (black garnet) clusters from Mexico...$9.95 for 2 boxed
Uvarovite, tiny sparkling green crystals on matrix, from the Ural Mountains of Russia...$19.95 for 2 boxed.  Larger sizes available.

Jewelry Making Workshop 
Saturday, Feb. 10 from 9:30 until 11:30 
Learn jewelry making techniques using Flex-wire and crimp beads to make a gemstone bead bracelet and matching dangle earrings. 
$35.00 fee covers beads, wire, SS toggle clasp, crimps, headpins, ear wires, and use of tools.
Learn to use the new Magical Crimping pliers to form a round 
bead from a 2mm crimp tube.
Prepayment with registration is required.

Saturday, Feb. 17 from 9 until 11:30
Learn to wrap a 30x22mm cabochon with sterling silver wire to create a pendant.  
$35.00 fee covers materials and use of tools. You may bring your own pliers - chain, round and flat nose, and flat needle file but please ID them. 
Pre-registration and payment required. 
We have a new shipment of the book:  Moods in Wire , Guide to Wire Wrapping and back issues of Wire Artist  magazine.

Shapes:  6mm saucers...$5.00 doz., 6mm squares with rounded edges...$10.00 doz., oval 10x6mm...$10.80 doz.  Also 6 and 8mm discs.  Buy by the 8 strand and save 25%.
We also received a shipment of shiny 4mm & 5mm Bali spacers, new S hooks and toggle clasps, including the 13mm heart everybody loves.

We have added some new colors of 4mm Swarovski bicone - volcano, black diamond, cantaloupe, satin rose, light peach, jonquil, alexandrite and more.  These, or our usual stock of clear crystal and aura borealis, add a tiny accent to enhance your gemstone beads or fresh water pearls.  Save 25% with packs of 50...$6.75 up.

NEW! Sterling Silver HEAD PINS - 26ga.
These thinner head pins can be used with small beads like fresh water pearls or garnets to make earrings or dangles.  Bulk pack of 50...$12.50

Approx. 4 oz. bag, many longer tapers...$7.50
Also chunky quartz, approx. 1-2 , broken but water clear crystals...$2.50  up.

2 length - unakite, smoky, clear quartz, mookaite, ocean jasper, sodalite, snowflake obsidian, moss agate...$4.95 to $6.95

Healing Crystals, Comprehensive Guide to 150 Crystals and Gemstones, C.  Eason...$14.95
The Book of Stones, Who They Are and What They Teach, Simmons and Ashian...$29.95
Crystal Bible, Definitive Guide to Crystals, Judy Hall...$19.95

BRONZITE - Brown with gold streaks
8mm  square...$17.95
12x8mm rectangle...$17.95
10mm roundelle...$14.95 (Special price)
25mm flat discs...$29.95 (Would make good dangles)

PIETRESITE - Brown with gold, blue and red colors throughout
10mm discs...$7.50 (Special price)
18x13mm flat rectangle...$21.95
8mm roundelle...$14.95
16mm roundelle...$28.95
35x25mm flat oval...$28.95 (Good for dangles)

SILVER LEAF JASPER - Light and dark shades of gray
14x10mm flat ovals...$12.95
18x13mm Flat ovals...$14.95
18x13mm rectangles...$18.95


RAINFOREST JASPER (RYOLITE) - Medium green with yellow and orange orbs
18x13 flat rectangles...$16.50
20mm square...$20.95
8mm round...$14.95
Rough, unpolished natural nugget, approx. 18x13mm...$14.95
Many more beads available
Come and get your free garnet!

Joan Beckham
Beckhams Barn Rock and Gem Shop