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Newsletter 3/7/07

The March birthstone, aquamarine, is the  delicate blue-green member of the beryl family and we are happy to have in stock several lovely stones and bead strands for your jewelry use.

Aquamarine, faceted
8x6mm oval, good medium color...$37.95
9x7mm oval, very clear, very blue...$149.95
10x8mm oval, good medium color...$74.95
More sizes, shades and shapes available - including a few larger ovals, very blue, with inclusions, and many lighter shades - at very good prices.

Aquamarine, beads (16” temporarily strung)
Medium/large unpolished chips, fresh and natural, great color...$17.60
Small/medium nuggets...$22.50
Large smooth, greenish ovals...$25.85
6mm round, shades of aqua from medium to very dark and approx. 3 golden beryl beads per strand...$37.50
8mm round, same colors as above, just larger...$114.50

Be sure to check out our aquamarine specimens.  
Mounted in 1-1/4” Perky box, Minas Gerais, Brazil,...$5.95 up
Excellent “etched” specimens in 2” box, also Minas Gerais..$49.95 up
Very blue, very clean, 3/4” double crystals joined at the bottom by a bit of grayish matrix, from Namibia, Africa...$95.00
Cabs and tumbled aquas available.

Bracelet/Earring Jewelry Making Workshop, March 31
Saturday, March 31 from 9:30 until 11:30 
Learn jewelry making techniques using Flex-wire and crimp beads to make a gemstone bead bracelet and matching dangle earrings. 
$35.00 fee covers beads, wire, SS toggle clasp, crimps, headpins, ear wires, and use of tools.
Learn to use the new Magical Crimping pliers to form a round 
bead from a 2mm crimp tube.
Prepayment with registration is required.  Call with your charge # or come by.  Space is limited.

RHODOCHROSITE, lovely pink with white banding, 6 mm, very good price for this quality...$14.95 and $18.95. (We have new assortment of sizes of do-nuts to use with your beads).

BLUE LACE AGATE, 4mm short tubes...$12.50
6mm straight edge roundels...$28.95   6mm cubes...$31.50
10 mm round...$28.95   12 mm round...$49.50

CHRYSOPRASE, large, approx. 25x20mm, chunky nuggets, soft mint green and brown...$44.50
TOURMALINE, 8-10mm “coins”, multicolor with lots of pinks...$67.50
RAINBOW MOONSTONE, flashes blue, 7 mm faceted roundel...$22.50
CHAROITE, good size chips, strong purple with white and a touch of black...$9.95
RED LIP, coral color/fade to white shell, 4mm short tube...$7.50, 7 mm button...$8.50
MOTHER OF PEARL, 4x4mm tubes, lustrous...$8.95
PETRIFIED WOOD, Arizona, reddish and white color, roundels and multi shapes...$12.95
PINK CHALCEDONY, 8mm...$35.95
PERIDOT, 8” faceted pear brilloette...$35.95
Many more - too numerous to list.  Come see!

NEW BOOKS for the Bead Designers
Big Bead Jewelry, with 35 projects...$19.95
Fabulous Chunky Jewelry...$19.95

LARIMAR -Soothing blue gem material found only in the Caribbean Islands.
We came across an exclusive Larimar dealer and made some good deals.
4mm smooth chips...$59.95.  Also larger chips and nuggets.
Bezel set in sterling pendants, earrings, rings.  
Top drilled free forms on blue satin cord...$45.95 up

Large open link, oval hammered, round with 2 size links, and more.  You can attach beads to the links or use simply as chain.
CURVED LINKS - 1.5mm x 15mm square tubing...$.75 ea. or $7.50 doz.
BALI “S” HOOKS - 15mm, the smaller size you wanted...$2.95
New shipment of brushed silver and Bali.  8” strands are discounted 25%.

BOOK - Back in stock
Rock, Gem & Mineral Collecting Sites in Western NC by Richard Jacquot...$14.99

AQUA AURA (Natural quartz crystals with electronically deposited light metals in high vacuum chamber)
Approx. 1-1/2” clusters...$7.50 up

LAMPS - drilled in center from bottom to insert light 
ROSE QUARTZ mountain, approx. 4-1/2” height...$24.95
SMOKY QUARTZ, large single crystal, 4-1/2” and taller...$49.95 up


Joan Beckham
Beckhams Barn Rock and Gem Shop