Beckham’s Barn Rock & Gem Shop Nov. 5, 2008

 Friday, Nov. 28 (the day after Thanksgiving) 9:00 until 5:30
 Saturdays - 9:00 until 5:30
 Beginning Monday, Dec. 1st
 Weekdays - 1:00 until 6:00
 Sundays - 1:00 until 6:00
 Dec. 24 -call ahead

 WORKSHOPS__Dates set
 PEARL KNOTTING -11/22/08 - 9:30 until 11:30
 2 spaces left. Fee of $40.00 covers a lovely strand of 6mm white fresh water pearls, silk cord, and sterling silver or gold filled bead tips and filigree clasp. Pre-registration required. Call 803-781-3589.

 BRACELET/EARRINGS - 12/6/08 - 9:30 until 11:30 
 Fee of $40.00 covers beads and all supplies. Pre-registration required. Call 803-781-3589.

 If you would like to purchase a fine gemstone for a special gift - sapphire, ruby, alexandrite, tanzanite, or other fine gemstone not in our inventory, please see Tom. He has some good, reliable sources for these.

 We recently purchased several pendants and earring pairs of this soothing, soft blue stone in round, pear, oval and trillion shapes, set with sterling silver bezels, some with gallery wire, at very good pricing. Pendants start...$45.95 and earrings start...$24.50. 

 Polished Ammonite fossil pendant set with sterling silver bezel. One has accent of faceted citrine, a lovely combination....$51.50 up.
 Ammonite earrings with faceted smoky quartz accents...$29.95.
 Also, ammonite pendant with silver plated edge and bail...$15.95.

 BLUE CALCITE - fist size, good blue color...$2.50 ea.
 Larger “3 color” CALCITE...$8.00 lb.
 ORANGE RIVER QUARTZ from the Charlie Keyes Collection, from the border of Namibia, South Africa.

 Wood easel style in black or walnut finish. 4”...$3.39 or 5”...$3.95.
 (Our new polished slabs look great on these.)

 New! Highly polished Dugway geodes, approx. 3” - 4”...$7.95 to $9.95.

 Precious Emperial golden topaz - (hard, durable stone holds high polish with continued wear), faceted, 7x5mm oval...$29.95
 5-1/2mm round...$87.50 9x6mm pear...$81.50
 We have more topaz - clear, mystic fire (titanium bonded) and shades of blue, some already made into rings, pendants and earrings.

 CITRINE - makes a wonderful substitute for the more expensive topaz. Faceted gems: 8x6mm oval...$6.95
 Fantasy cut round - 8mm...$22.50 10mm round $...59.95
 New! Rich amber color: 10mm round...$42.95, 14x10mm oval...$67.50, larger 19x14mm Octagon...$146.50. 20x14mm...$122.50.
 Hessonite garnet beads (looks like beautiful topaz), 4mm faceted round...$69.95

 For a limited time we are giving away a strand of Fresh Water Pearls with your purchase of $50.00 or more of temporarily strung pearls or stone beads. Come choose your color !

 SMOKY/LEMON QUARTZ with a green flash, 11 faceted pears graduated 15x11mm to a large 22x16mm center...$xxx.xx
 Smoky quartz, 11x8mm pear...$83.50
 Labradorite, 10x8mm pear...$69.95

 BLACK ONYX - 10mm cubes, high polish, drilled diagonally...$29.95
 BLACK ONYX - 30mm fluted discs...$29.95

 FIRE AGATE - 13mm discs, shades of orange with white snakeskin pattern of white...$17.95

 APPLE GREEN “TURQUOISE”, in many shapes - 6mm round, 9mm discs, 9x6mm barrels or 14x10mm oval...$6.95 . Clusters of pear shape...$23.95.
 Also lots of the blue color, in many sizes and shapes, at very reasonable prices.

 CITRINE (Golden crystals also represent topaz as the November birthstone)
 4mm faceted round...$35.95.
 Chips...$6.95. Larger chips...$8.95

 Shimmering green 10x8mm ovals...$21.95 
 Shimmering green swords/horns, approx. 1”...$23.95
 Shimmering blue 8x6mm flat ovals...$21.50 - 7mm squares, 9mm discs or 12x8mm ovals...$29.95. 18x13mm flat oval...$38.95.
 Swords/horns, approx. 1”...$12.95.

 Cheerful pink color in clear quartz- 8mm...$8.95 or 10mm...$11.95

 Shiny 5-6mm chips at low price of $...5.95.
 Would these make a good necklace to go with that holiday sweater?

 Excellent pricing for this quality.
 Ovals, 9x7mm...$21.95 12x8mm$...36.95

 2008 Columbia Gem & Mineral Show
 November 28 & 29, from 10-6 PM and on Sunday, Nov. 30, from 12-5 PM, at the State Museum, 301 Gervais St. $5.00 admission fee allows visits to other exhibits at the Museum.

 Hoping to see you all soon!

 Joan Beckham
 Beckhams Barn Rock and Gem Shop