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PERIDOT - August Birthstone
Just in time - we have a new purchase of this cool, glowing, lime green gemstone.  Finished Peridot jewelry set in sterling silver:
Earrings  -  5mm...$11.75            6mm...$23.95
Pendants  -  6mm...$11.95 up to 10x8mm oval...$65.95
Many rings, some with multiple stones and in larger finger sizes...$22.50 up.

Faceted Peridot:
8x6 mm oval...$32.50            10x8mm oval...$37.95
9x7mm octagon...$39.95 - (New)
We have blank settings for rings, earrings and pendants for your stone selection.

PERIDOT beads 
36” continuous strand, med. size tumbled...$14.95  
16” strands, temporarily strung (quality varies): 
Medium chips tumbled...$5.95
5mm...$9.95 to $17.95
Faceted roundels, 6mm...$89.95 or 8mm...$143.50
Also 4mm faceted, tubes and more.

Wenasha, Wisc. was in July and Tom and Joan attended, and it was wonderful!   We had a whole day of lectures and Power Point
presentations by leading agate experts and authors and saw many beautiful displays of agates from all over the world.
We have set up a display near the front door of the Barn to share our trip with you. 
We brought back some of the elusive Lake Superior Agate for your tumbler.  1/2 lb...$3.95.

New rough - some larger pieces with hole drilled front to back for jump rings or pinch bail  -  7-8 grams ...$73.50 up.

FRESH WATER PEARLS - 2 styles of the popular multicolors:
Cranberry, bronze, gold & dusty pink with larger white oval, top side drilled...$13.50
“Keishe” style, peacock, gold and white...$16.50
BLUE LACE AGATE - graduated little slab shapes...$29.95
MOTHER OF PEARL - unbleached mocha color with white, some iridescence.
36” chips...$6.95             10mm round...$11.95
MOONSTONE - 9-1/2mm roundels. white and cream color...$17.95
GREEN KYANITE - Silvery mint green ovals, 14x10mm...$35.95.   You will like these with our matching mint green FWP.
LAIS & MALACHITE on the same strand, 16 x 12 mm ovals....$41.50

6mm cubes...$23.95
Smooth chips   $26.95
Rectangles, 22x16mm, some with lovely brown edges...$41.95
Graduated points...$49.95

Strips of shell rim   $11.95
Double sided, higher quality:
8mm coin shape...$24.95
8mm squares, drilled diagonally...$26.95
14x10mm rectangles...$35.95
16x12mm ovals...$35.95

Bargains on BIG beads
Green aventurine - Medium color, 14mm ...$12.95
Mahogany obsidian - strong color show, 16mm...$12.95
Rose quartz - lighter color, 14mm...$12.95
Gold sheen obsidian - lovely sheen, 14mm...$26.95  
Fossil - Light and dark brown shades, 12mm...$11.95
Red and pink coral limbs/tubes, highly polished.

20mm white round..$5.95
15mm gray or olive round...$7.50
30x20mm oval, pearlescent white...$10.50    

FREE FORM CABS - for Wire Wrap or epoxy on a beavertail hook and make a focal bead for your designer strand.
New purchase of - druzy, rhodochrosite (some with brown bands), Mexican Crazy Lace agate, gold sheen obsidian,
labradorite (pear shape polished both sides), blue kyanite rectangles, angelite, variscite (unique), 
Rosetta picture jasper, plum blossom jasper, rainbow moonstone.

ROUGH  - Kingman, AZ.
Pieces run about 20 grams @ $.50 per gram.

JEWELRY - all in sterling silver, made in New Mexico:
Heavy 4 stone cuff bracelet...$250.00
Small bear claw design pendant..$10.95
Small turtle pendant, inlaid with turquoise, coral, malachite on black body...$11.95
FEATURE NECKLACE:  Inlaid blue turquoise, contemporary design choker, adjustable chain, with matching earrings...$xxx

We finally found some for those who have been asking.  I call it “green turquoise”, it’s such a lovely soft color.
  Some good cabbing quality, small to medium size, $.25 pr gram.     

If your name is not on the “call list” and you are interested, please let us know.  See details at or call 781-3589.

New Facet Rough  
  Amythest - good color.  $1.25 per gram.
Aquamarine - good color..average 10 cts..$3.00 per carat
Citrine - dark reddish yellow...$1.00 per gram .
Citrine - lemon yellow...5 to 20 gram pieces... .50 per gram.
Citrine - lemon yellow...20 to100 gram pieces... .40 per gram.

We have  a demo Mark 5XL Faceting machine with digital faceting head.
See Tom for a demonstration. 

Carvings - 3-1/4x2- 1/4”
Fetish “Good luck” bear of LABRADORITE or ROSE QUARTZ    
AMETHYST buffalo...$29.95

CARVED LEAVES  (drilled) - use as focal bead or use several on your strand.  Light and dark JADE and MOOKAITE.  
Chrysocolla slabs for display, unique colorful splashes of vivid blue and green, clear coated 1 side...$9.95 up

Pendulums - Rose quartz, clear quartz, carnelian, amethyst, bloodstone...$9.95

It seems we are featuring a lot of green stones this month.  Does this mean the Barn is “environmentally friendly?”

Keep cool!

Joan Beckham
Beckhams Barn Rock and Gem Shop